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Maeve Corke Butters has completed her third year of study at the Machintosh School of Architecture and her Part 1. She enjoys exploring complex forms and communal environments. Her work focuses on the core ethos of empathetic design, sustainability, and fun. This was developed through the exploration of critical theorist Doreen Massey and Jane Jacobs leading to a better understanding of placemaking and the social systems that underpin them. She has developed her projects with careful consideration of client needs and requirements, offering creative solutions through complex spatial structures and communal spaces.

Maeve Corke Butters received a commendation by the GIA for her first year of study, exhibited her second year work at a curated exhibition in New Lanark and is a regional finalist for the Women in Property award 2020.

Maeve has completed several architectural placements at Liverpool based practices such as: DK-Architects, Cass Associates and Francis Garner architects. During these placements she created visuals and models to aid with the client meetings.

Maeve is passionate, hard-working, conscientious, and independent. She always works to the best of her ability and strives to create the best result. She enjoys taking on tasks especially those that challenge her. She also enjoys working in an environment where she can work with others to refine and develop creative ideas.

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