Y1 : P3

Urban Escape

The brief for this project was to combine our previous projects, with our first activity being the subject and the second being the site. For my intervention I decided to boil down my concept from P1 into the base idea; getting ready for the next stage of the day. I created a space in which the user could escape into a secret garden and relax. I wanted to play around with the concept of private and public and, considering my original activity was something so personal, it was interesting to see how I could incorporate private elements into the intervention. I did this with the addition of hammocks, which give a private space within the public domain. The glass box itself also gives a semi private space, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the busy road.

When producing the interventions form, I took inspiration from the teddy bear in P1 which lead to a tree-house-like structure to portray the childish nature. This also fed into the feeling of exploration and mystery I wanted to create – added to by the wide and inviting stair case that twists round to reveal a bright, tranquil space. The stairs shape is modelled after a tree trunk, although I believe it would be beneficial to switch the position of the steps, having one open into the shop entrance and the other into the street so the intervention does not obstruct the seating area. I modelled the design so that ivy would cascade over the top, covering the glass box, making it almost invisible and obscured. I also added a skylight over the stairs, lighting them from above, to further entice people to explore it.

To improve, I believe shading behind the intervention would help it to stand out further and the in-habitation of people could really give more character and indication to the feelings of the piece.