Y1 : P1

Ready To Go

To get to grips with orthographic drawing I first produced a plan view of an activity at 1:5 scale, integrating key elements such as: a cutting plane, movement of the body and line weights.

For my activity I chose a variation of my morning routine, showing transitions of waking up, getting dressed and running out the door. As the activities progress on, the bodies get faster in pace and more urgent, portraying the body waking up and realising time is running out to get out of the door. I enjoyed playing with different textures, making the present the quality of the different surfaces. I believe that the fluid lines on the duvet worked most effectively. I also added in personal elements such as my teddy bear and lanyard to give more context to the activity.

To improve, I think that the drawing would benefit from more shading to contextualise the light sources in the room and perhaps a thicker line weight to exaggerate the cutting plane.