Y1 : P4

Into The Mine

To gain an understanding of space and light and its impact on creating an
atmosphere, in pairs, we created plaster models with altered interiors that created
a feeling of our choosing. We were inspired by Le Corbusier with the controlling of
the pathway of the user, making a confined corridor that got progressively darker
and smaller until opening out into its antithesis. This was to give the feeling of
uncertainty and panic, making the user question whether to go on and then finally
when all the pressure has built up there’s a release into the large, light atrium. This
was also inspired by a mine I’ve visited in Wales where there’s a pitch-black tunnel
that leads into an open cavern. The tunnel curves so you just have to trust that it
opens out at the end, with the only hope being a very faint light in the distance.
This led to the design of the windows that entices the user to move further.
I decided to deviate from the model by exaggerating these ideas further, creating
an undulating winding staircase in the open atrium that leads to a roof terrace,
providing an alternative exit to the space. I’m drawn to trying to create difficult
objects to draw and the 50 stairs proved an immensely enjoyable problem to
solve. I also started to experiment with shading which I believe gave more depth
to the drawings.