Y1 : P5


To develop from the last project, we began to investigate how such a building would be manufactured. To reinforce my inspiration of the slate cavern, I thought it only natural for the building to be made from natural slate bricks with thick walls to give it the heaviness like that in the original tunnel. I decided to have it sunk into a hill so that there was an alternative footpath down provided and further the sense of exploration. I think my use of texture worked well and made the drawing (especially the 1:20 section) stand out although I believe it may have looked even better if I put this kind of texture into all of my drawings.

To make the building weather proof, the large open top is spanned by a glass roof and trap door that opens to the sedum roof. I populated the landscape with silver birch trees because I always thought they were some of the most enchanting and fairy-tale like trees. They would also give a beautiful dappled light effect from the cascading light into the atrium reconnecting the user with the outside world.

I tried to position my drawings to give a flow and relate to each page, thinking more about the whole composition rather than as three separate sheets. I also experimented with inhabitation and I greatly enjoyed creating a narrative with the people using the space.