2020 : CIAT Student Awards Finalist

On the 12th of November I found out I was selected as one of the finalist for the “Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Technology (project)” by the Charted Institute of Architectural Technologists. My submission for the competition is shown below, this was a great chance for me to reflect on how architectural technology has shaped my practice and conceptual exploration through out the year. It has been a great opportunity and I am honoured to be a finalist.

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I entered the competition because I believe that through architectural technology I can express and develop my ideas into engaging and interactive built environments that are informed by critical theory and create spaces for play. I wanted to showcase how my project used architectural technology to progress the initial concepts and develop a holistic approach to design, reflecting the values of the client and being sympathetic to the many categories of users.

Through this competition I hope to show how architectural technology is a positive tool for creating better buildings and environments and is used as a language to show our theoretical understanding of space and how we interact with it.


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