Style: logo + site icon

During the Lockdown and premature end to the academic year, I’ve taken the time to focus first on my physical, social and mental well-being, and then used the many free hours in the day to reflect on my studies and refine my projects. I always find that I feel most fulfilled and satisfied when I keep myself busy with little projects or goals, and so using my time productively has also positively contributed to this.

Today my focus was to design a logo/business card and site icon. After completing my Part 1 at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, I’ll soon be off into the real world of work. So completing my website and investing time into my professional practice seems appropriate.

I’ve opted for a colour scheme similar to my final style in the latest project where I was heavily influenced by the style of Heinz Edelmann (see below) and used type faces consistent with my previous work.

My illustrative style has evolved dramatically over the 3 years of study. Transitioning into digital format has definitely been difficult in terms of keeping the joy and life of the images. Hand drawing, in comparison, always feels far more personal and rich in character. I feel this is due to the imperfections and inconsistencies that are caught in the grain of the paper when hours are spent over the drawing board and the physical medium offering that connection between paper, pen, artist and audience.

However, technology is the way forward and there is no denying that most of the complex layered forms I design would be nearly incomprehensible through traditional methods – not to mention the time and productive value that computer programs bring. And so the question of a reproducible artistic style that conveys the feeling and intention of the designer has to be realised.

I’ve found that toeing the line between fantasy and reality is tricky when creating images that not only convey the playful, childlike nature of my design, but also convey realism to show the architectural intention. You can check out this current work here.

Logos and site icons are the simplest form of this style. Rendering the output consisted of the predominant factors of colour scheme, type face and line work.

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