2020 : Women in Property Regional Finalist

This year I was nominated for the Women in Property award by the Glasgow School of Art. It was an honour to be nominated and I found the experience useful in understanding my own practice and vocalising it to others. I look forward to further networking with my fellow nominees and discussing each of our projects!

During my second year of study, I took an elective in critical theory where I came across the critical theorist Doreen Massey. Through her theories we discussed the idea of space being not neutral but in fact “gendered”. This lead me along the line of inquiry of unpicking the gender disparities within the Architecture industry, the conditions the could cause these and how we can move forward. This has lead me to develop a more compassionate, empathetic practice with a user-centric approach.

Being bitten by the critical theorist bug, I later investigated Jane Jacobs in another reflective essay on my third year project. One of my favourite points she makes is that diversity is the hallmark of a successful urban environment. Diversity in all aspects.

These inspiring female writers have informed my critical understanding of urban environments and the social networks that underpin them. I am passionate about reaching equality in the built environment sector and I believe organisations like Women in Property provide a key step in helping us achieve this.

Thank you for the delicious strawberries and the chance to be involved.

Quotes from the interivew:

  • Very knowledgeable
  • Great knowledge
  • Loved her question about sustainability

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