2019 : New Lanark Exhibition

In my second year of study after the second fire, life at GSA began to become more normal as we gained access to our studios again. Our focus now moving to our new site, New Lanark. The aim of this investigation was to experiment with Living/Working environments as these are becoming ever more prevalent in today’s economy. From visiting the site, it became very apparent to me that this was a site of isolated, alternative living in nature. I reflected on current communities that live like this in order to implement this in my own scheme. From this line of enquiry, I settled on my “work” environment being a circus school and residential area which provided a practice and performance space.

From primarily hand drawing in first year, I was yet to properly use any form of CAD. I used this project as an opportunity to explore Rhino and create a complex 3D model which I was able to use later to make a 3D printed model. I find working with and learning how to use the programs easiest “on the job”, where I can apply knowledge and figure out relevant problems as I go along. The end result was by no means a clean or organised model but I learnt a huge amount from making it.

The performance space in the scheme reflects the contours of the site, taking inspiration from amphitheatres. This space is accessed by the public from a large path stretching from the road and above the residents of the performers.

I was lucky enough for my scheme and model to be exhibited at the exhibition of a few selected projects at New Lanark. I am always incredibly grateful for the chance to exhibit my work – thank you!

View the project here!

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